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How Much It Costs to Join Regeneration USA...

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Getting your products for free each month is simple with Regeneration USA! By finding just three customers, your commissions can pay for your products each month - with cash left over!

For example, let’s say you share the Regeneration USA Daily Essentials Pack with each of your three
Affiliate Pricing
customers; it’s a great savings for them with discounts and FREE shipping (within the USA), and great commissions for you. That’s a WIN-WIN!

The retail price for the Daily Essentials Pack is $99. However, the Affiliate price is $69. Since retail commissions are the difference between the retail and Affiliate price, your commission on the retail sale of the Daily Essentials Pack is a whopping $30 per customer! Times that by three customers, and your commission is now $90!!

Since your customer PV for the month is now 50 PV+, your order requirement for commissions is waived. You are considered ‘active’, and qualify for your monthly Affiliate commissions without the need for a personal order.

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